7 Reasons Security Screens are Worth the Purchase

Home safety is every homeowner’s priority. With the current increase in crimes and burglaries, many homeowners and businesses are forced to contemplate ways to improve their property’s safety. There’s a variety of security options and security products out there. While many rely on high-tech gadgets like alarm systems, CCTV cameras, and smart locks, security screens prove higher effectiveness and less susceptibility to break-ins. Intruders use windows and doors to break in because they are the weakest links. So, these security screen doors provide excellent protection and home security (or business) while adding other benefits like aesthetic value. So, are security screens worth it? Read on to learn this. 

Window and security screen

Window and security screens.

What are Security Screens?

Security screens are semi-protective installations designed to prevent forced break-ins while maintaining ventilation. The quality of these screens highly depends on the material they are made from. There are many types of window screens. High-quality security screens are made of different grades of stainless steel mesh or aluminum material that are nearly impossible to break with tools except for a key, preventing any forced entry. Security mesh is also engineered with advanced features that enhance the safety of your home.

 Whether you have a bifold door, a sliding door, or a casement window, you can have security screens incorporated. Besides the primary function of preventing the entry of intruders, these screens have several other benefits. These include adding value to your home and keeping insects off. They are also durable, meaning you will get value for your investment. 


Reasons Security Screens are worth the Purchase

One commonly asked question by homeowners is, “Are security screens worth it?” Others ask, “Are security doors effective?” Well, your home or business’ comfort relies on their safety. With the windows and doors being the first line of defense, it’s good when they can provide maximum security against intruders. One of the best ways to achieve this is through security screen installation. Here are the benefits of investing in these screens.


Increased Security Level

One way security screens are worth it is to enhance the safety level of your home or business. If you are a victim of invasion or burglary, you have experienced first-hand the need for high security. The most common entry points are windows, front and back doors, and patio enclosures. 

Installing quality safety screens on these points makes it impossible for intruders to access your property. The screens are versatile and made of solid materials that are hard to cut or break. Although they are more expensive than regular windows and doors, they come with valuable features, making them worth the investment.


More Comfort Plus Energy Saving

Homeowners aim to improve the comfort level of their homes while making them more energy-efficient. Safety screens allow a consistent flow of fresh and cool air, providing ventilation during warm months. This regulates the indoor temperatures without compromising security and reduces the need for keeping the air conditioners on for an extended period. As a result, homeowners reduce their energy usage and lower their monthly utility bills.

>A solar screen blocking UV rays

A solar screen blocking UV rays.

High Durability

Unlike plastic-framed or wood windows and doors, security screens are made from sturdy metals like steel, aluminum, and iron. So even the durability of security screens are worth noting. These metals are durable and remain free from cracks for a long time. Safety screens with PVC membrane are resistant to rust, do not easily collect dust or dirt, and support hassle-free cleaning. 

The stainless steel screens deliver maximum security for many years without requiring replacement. They come with heavy-duty locks and non-removable hinges that enhance safety. Besides, most companies manufacture fire-resistant security screens that give homeowners and business owners much-needed peace of mind.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Safety screens are available in several designs, styles, and colors that complement any home. They add class and elegance to a property, which creates an excellent first impression on visitors. While this is not the initial reason for getting these screens, it’s certainly an added benefit to your investment. The front windows and doors tend to be the first thing people notice, so boosting their appearance is crucial. Consider a decorative style that fits your current house design, is aesthetically pleasing, and does the job it’s intended for. That will make security screens worth it as well. 


Added Value to Property

Apart from providing security and being aesthetically pleasing, security screens add significant value to a property. The screens increase the security level of a home or business, along with other features and benefits that are pleasing to buyers. This results in a better price offer and a higher return on investment. This also helps security screens being worth something. 


Added Privacy

Homeowners with patio enclosures and backdoors should consider getting security screens for them, other than just the front one. Overall, these screens increase the privacy level and peace of mind. The windows and doors are made of heavy material, slightly manipulated to make it difficult for outsiders to see what is happening inside. 

These installations also have a magic design that provides a two-way mirror effect, where you have a clear view of the outside and privacy from others. Even better, security screens can be adjusted to reduce or increase the privacy level you seek.


Keep Insects and Pests at Bay

Insects like dreaded mosquitoes are prevalent during warmer months. Nothing feels terrible like seeing them make their way to the comfort of your house. Balancing between ensuring the insects stay outside and letting fresh air into the home is not easy. 

Luckily, safety screens can help keep pests, bugs, and even debris away from your house. On a windy day, sand and leaves can be easily blown away when windows and doors are open. Nonetheless, security screens block them from making their way into the house. 

Close up of a security screen.

Close up of a security screen.

What to Consider When Investing In Security Screens

Consumers should be aware that not all security screens provide the same quality and performance. To ensure that you get the best value for your money, you must choose the right ones. High-quality screens come with additional benefits that contribute to the outlook, safety, energy efficiency, and comfort of your home. Below are some things to look for when selecting your safety screens.


Locks and Handles From Good Brand

Locks and handles are among the essential components of security screens. When selecting a supplier, it’s best to those who offer products with locks and handles from quality brands. If you are uncertain about the brand’s quality, ensure you choose screens with a good warranty. Security doors and windows with mortice locks are also better than surface-mounted ones. 


Quality Frames

When seeking a good quality security screen for your home or business, you want to ensure they have premium-quality frames. The sturdiness of the frame is the key determinant that will stand out to attempted breaches. Aluminum and steel are the most common materials for screen frames. Both materials are sturdy and provide maximum security. Their frames are resistant to corrosion and strong enough to deter intrusion attempts. 


Choose a Design that Suits your Home

When selecting the design of your security screen, ensure it portrays your unique style and preference. Your doors and windows communicate about the kind of lifestyle and personality you have. While the main aim is to get security in your home, do not hesitate to choose well-designed screens if you want to make a statement. Since there are many options available, you will find one that suits your style and budget.


Resistance to Corrosion

Depending on the location of your home, poor-quality screens can rust easily. The metal materials may be susceptible to rust if you live in coastal areas. Your best option is a corrosion-resistant screen. A powder-coated finish ensures high protection against corrosion. The staying power of the powder coat depends on the environment it’s subjected to.


Have your Security Screens Customized

Many ready-made security screens are so general and often cheaper. Remember, a cheap product provides an inferior quality. If you choose a screen that is specifically built for your home, you will be sure of the quality. A good supplier will send technicians to take home measurements and make precisely what fits your needs.


 Of course, price is among the crucial factors to consider when choosing your security screen door. If your neighborhood has rare intrusion instances, settling for an affordable option wouldn’t be an issue. However, if your community is unsafe, it would be best to invest in screens with multiple locks systems and reinforced hinges.


Installation and Maintenance of Security Screens Made Easy

 So are security screens worth it? We would say yes as they are an invaluable investment for your home and business. These window screens offer maximum protection of your property from intrusion while adding more benefits like aesthetic value and ventilation. Nonetheless, you want to ensure that you get your screens from a reputable provider for the best value for your money. 

The Glass Guru is a reputable window security screen supplier with over 80 locations across Northern America. We have many years of experience in glass installation, window replacement and repairs, and maintaining security screens, and our materials are premium quality. If you need help choosing your security windows, do not hesitate to contact us now. 

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