The Glass Guru has been providing superior quality in its glass products. It is guaranteed that beauty, flexibility, elegance, and style are incorporated harmoniously in every product sold. Furthermore, this company has been producing such a wide selection of its designs that would perfectly fit every customer’s taste. Indeed, customer satisfaction is The Glass Guru’s utmost priority.

To start with, this company offers both frame-less and semi-frame-less shower doors. Unlike conventional shower doors, a frame-less shower door does not need additional support from a metal frame. This is because these doors are made up of thick, tempered glass that is efficient and functional enough. Moreover, the sleek and stylish frame-less feature gives a long-lasting impact to the customers. On the other hand, framed and semi-frame-less shower doors are also available. This type of product is perfect for people on a shoestring budget, but being affordable does not equate to poor quality and design. In fact, The Glass Guru offers a variety of framed shower door styling options to the public. The only difference is that a thinner shower glass is used.

Aside from showcasing its shower door products, the Glass Guru also provides some important guidelines in selecting the perfect shower door. To obtain that ideal product, the customer must first decide whether a heavy glass should be used. If the client agrees to use a heavy glass, then frame-less shower doors are the most appropriate. If not, then framed or semi-framed shower doors are applicable. Another factor of equal importance is determining the actual bathroom space. The functionality of shower doors depends upon the size of the bathroom; that is why it is imperative to seek consultation from the experts first before initiating a bathroom makeover.

Aside from offering glass shower doors and enclosures, The Glass Guru also showcases bathroom mirrors and frames. Having numerous ties with the best mirror manufacturers in the country, The Glass Guru guarantees a wide range of mirror and frame designs that match every customer’s taste. Moreover, the said company also assists in bathroom mirror and frames repair and replacement.

With all these numerous products offered, The Glass Guru has created a tremendous impact in the glass industry. With all its knowledge, experience, and expertise in bathroom glass product installation, rest assured that customers are guided towards the right path in choosing the perfect product. In addition, the Glass Guru effectively sells its products directly to its customers as it guarantees a complete, accurate, and timely delivery to achieve exceptional customer service. Not only that, The Glass Guru also ensures the utmost care and assistance in installing and/or replacing these products for a smooth and hassle-free customer experience.